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Hobos: putting the ASS in CLASS since 2001.

Oh, Canada!

les hobos canadiens
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If you love and appreciate super classy Canadian hobos, this is the place for you. Whether you're idolizing or mocking the hobos in question is not the point. (You can really do whatever you want!) The point, dear friends? Is that Kevin Drew is HOT Evan Cranley is the classiest man to ever grace Our Planet Earth.

[Please Note! This is not an open community. It isn't for just anyone. Which means, in a nut shell, that if you're one of those pretentious fuckers who believes (among other things) that we are incapable of truly understanding and appreciating The Music...or that we are all pathetic, lowly peons because we choose to spend our time discussing the clothes hobos wear and the people hobos do acquaint themselves with, then we don't like you and you are not welcome here.]
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